Fan Engagement Bots: How you can improve the connection with your fans?

Fan engagement bots
Fan engagement bots

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Eran Soroka

Athletes and sports clubs, artists and celebrities, became a worldwide phenomenon – creating multitudes of opportunities and challenges. Unfortunately the athlete, for example, can’t connect with every fan every second of the day. However, there’s a unique way to make give the fans a sense of belonging – a conversational bot, in the mold of the relevant figure. Or, shortly: Meet the fan engagement bots.

This November, won the Fan Engagement startup competition conducted by Colosseum – the international sports innovation group. As a result, we’re presenting in the lucrative Sports Tech Nation event in December. Our presentation gave a glimpse into the future, where videobots can be the next big thing in the connection between fans and their idols all over the world.

1. Get instant insights from your fans

The match is over, the new single is out, the new movie was just premiered. How will the fans react? Yeah, you can run analysis in the media, search for Twitter or Instagram trends. You can also wait a few days, and start analyzing heaps of data. Alternatively, your fan engagement bot can Facetime with your fans, for example, and accumulate this data via multiple additional channels. It can be on Telegram, WhatsApp, or even in a phone call. 

Ask the right questions, get the answers immediately; Then,  have a grasp of your fan’s sentiment about how you fared. And even if the truth is hard, the bot won’t feel insulted – it will just respond in the way you decide. 

2. Predict and test the water

Retroactively understanding what your fans think about you is great. However, what if you could take a look into the future as well? With the videobots, you can forecast the fans’ reaction on a smaller scale before going with a club-changing move. You know, one that can impact the connection between the club and fans. For example – launching a new marketing campaign, increasing season ticket prices, or even launching a new bold game shirt. 

Create a group of fans you trust or randomize it on a smaller sample size. Then, let the bot test the waters (and get the possible backlash – people let themselves vent more with a bot) – and get a grasp, in advance, of the implications of such a move.

3. Monetize and upsell

Most of the transactions today are driven by online interfaces, and videobots can join the wave. Cocohub’s fan engagement bots (and, actually, all of the video bots) can present videos and other rich media during live conversations. Thus, we can lead to an instant infatuation of fans with new products. 

Just think about the potential of revealing your new alternative kit or your city edition with those videobots, for the first time, in front of enthusiastic fans. Then, you can give them a coupon code. Also, when visiting a page on the team store, the bot can start talking to you and offer you another product like a scarf, cap or jacket. 

Alternatively, you can start by rewarding the season ticket holders for their loyalty by giving them 3 optional designs by your “star player”, so they can decide which design to go forward with – giving them a sense of belonging unlike any other. 

4. Have some fun

Remember who scored the iconic goal in the cup final of 1999? Do you know what song the lead vocalist wrote about his mythological ex? Everybody has regular fans, then some REAL fans – the ones who went with you through thick and thin, are accompanying you for years or decades, and can brag they know everything that you went through. So, create some trivia quizzes, let the fans compete, get the results, hand out prizes – all, driven by your virtual star.

5. Sports Betting

The sports betting industry is booming these days, so why can’t bots join the fun? Imagine the virtual star bot asking the fans how many goals he will score next match, or whether the team will win or lose – then, take the fan to the official betting partner of the league, to place the bet. 

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