Why do you need a video bot or a video assistant?

why do you need a video bot
why do you need a video bot

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Eran Soroka

If you’re here, we don’t need to explain why chatbots are having the time of their (virtual) lives in 2022. After all, they are used almost everywhere, and virtually for every purpose. However, the next generation of conversational bots are the ones that pop outside the box and beyond the smart speakers. Those are the video bots, also known as digital humans, metahumans, virtual humans, or Zoom bots – that are set to take the main stage. No matter what you call them, the concept stays the same. In short, they are conversational bots that have a visual appearance in the form of a digital bot avatar and can be interacted with via video media.

Creating these digital humans or video bots with cocohub these days is pretty easy and fun. But first of all, here are a few options to think about – 

Why do you need a videobot? 

Where can a metahuman help you?

1. Virtual Teacher or Virtual Teaching Assistant

At cocohub, we listen to our users. One of the most popular use cases is chatbots for educational purposes. For example, students created video bots to help them practice assignments. Furthermore, teachers created lesson plans or tools for their students, to make the knowledge accessible at all times – in the form of a virtual human. 

So, what can a virtual teacher do? For instance, a video bot can help students practice assignments and prepare for exams. After all, this digital human won’t ever lose its cool. As one edupreneur phrased it to us, “with a bot, unlike with a human – students feel that they can do no wrong. There are no ramifications for a mistake”. Furthermore, bots today can even perform the exams themselves and grade the student’s performance. Obviously, the student’s answers can be sent directly to the relevant person. Sometimes there’s a need to review, fix or present another opportunity. So, with a virtual teacher, students can practice on mobile device, anytime, anywhere – and get immediate feedback.

What do the students in the University of Indiana create with cocohub?

A virtual teaching assistant, as some of our users and partners have already created, is another terrific example. Here, the teaching assistant is sparing the real teacher of the technical stuff. This way, all that’s left for the teacher is to, well, teach and educate. For instance, students can ask the teacher’s assistant about deadlines to hand in their assignments. Alternatively, they can ask for a syllabus or check their recent grades. Also, they can see if there’s any feedback left by the lecturer or teacher regarding previous assignments or classroom activities. While around the world teachers have to use Zoom to teach – the Zoom bot can be a great tool.

Want to talk with Preston, our project showcase bot? Just click here!

2. Virtual receptionist

People are extremely busy these days. Our free time is dwindling, both for the customers and the service providers. So many things in our lives are already automated, so why not use a conversational bot that is connected to a phone to handle our appointments and meetings? Instead of letting people hold on the line, waiting for a human representative for long periods of time, we can create a conversational bot. Then, it will do everything we need; From checking your clinic’s or business’ availability to confirming the client’s availability. Also, it can find and set the best time for the appointment.

Our virtual receptionist, which can be created in a matter of minutes, connects directly to your Google Calendar. Thus, this digital human can handle a large volume of callers and find fitting time slots. Moreover, it can collect information from patients during daily checkups. This way, you learn what are more urgent cases and who is feeling alright and can be considered lower priority.

3. Virtual trainer or Virtual coach

When you have a large number of trainees, being a fitness or wellness coach isn’t easy. After all, matching the right exercise routine for each and every trainee requires a lot of work and planning. Even beforehand, a lot of data has to be collected. Luckily, video bots can help here as well. Looking like a personal trainer, the metahuman virtual coach can be as close as it gets to a personal connection with multiple trainees at once. From an engagement perspective, this virtual trainer is the future – and the present.

4. Virtual recruiter

You probably heard about “The Great Resignation”, but this is just part of the larger picture. Generally, the new recruiting challenges are making recruiting and onboarding employees much more difficult. Instead of the regular careers page, why not kick off the candidate journey with a tailor-made video bot? 

Sure, a virtual recruiter won’t be able to entirely replace a human one, but it can help the human. Therefore, using conversational AI technology, the virtual recruiter can create a strong first impression on the candidate, even before the first interview. Furthermore, the metahuman can handle some of the administrative tasks. For example, summarizing interviews or categorizing candidates according to skills and experience. A helping hand in the form of a video bot, can assist the recruiting manager and take off some of his or her burdens. Then down the line, it can help human resources staff with the technical duties of employee onboarding.

5. Fan Engagement

Winning Colosseum’s Sports Tech Nation competition has validated our market fit. Now, it seems like the industry is embracing the idea of a tailor-made video bot looking like a famous athlete or coach. Naturally, a virtual human can drive fan engagement up, leading to higher merchandise sales, or insights from the audience. Moreover, this metahuman can be a unique way for the clubs and franchises to connect with their fans, present new initiatives, or ask them what matters to them the most.

Following our victory, we’ve seen multiple sports clubs and SportsTech companies from all over the world reaching out to explore collaborations. To say the least, this use case is really exciting for us.

6. Zoom Bot

Apart from the use cases we already mentioned, Zoom bots can be useful for lots of different industries. For example, when booking a vacation at a hotel, resort, or even an apartment, it’s all about the first impression. Here, a virtual clerk, customized with the hotel’s or the travel agency’s brand, tone, and voice, can give you additional value. Way more attractive than your mundane, regular textual bot, this virtual human can, say, show you videos of the places you’re going to stay at. 

In conclusion, creating a video bot – no matter where you are coming from, no matter what you’re trying to build – is easy, seamless, and fun. Feel free to start here – the registration is free, and you won’t need to pay anything until the bot starts its actual workflow.